ISMIR 2019: Delft

Posted by ehopkins on December 16, 2019

Back at the beginning of November, several members of our lab made the journey to the Netherlands to attend and present at ISMIR2019 and related satellite conferences. (ISMIR was from Nov. 4-8 with satellites before and after). Delft was a really neat city to visit, with as many bicycles, canals, and pounds of black licorice you could ever want…

We will be hosting ISMIR2020 here in Montreal so it was also great to see the ever-growing conference in action! (It was my first ISMIR too.)

Satellites before the conference included WoRMS, WiMIR, and the first-ever Workshop on Designing Human-Centric MIR systems. We had presenters at two of these, and a few of our students attended the WiMIR hackathon event as well.

Workshop on Reading Music Systems (WoRMS)

This was the second year for WoRMS – former SIMSSA postdoc Jorge Calvo-Zaraogoza is one of the chairs. PhD student Tim DeReuse presented work on “Robust Transcript Alignment on Medieval Chant Manuscripts”. Check out the full WoRMS proceedings, including Tim’s paper.

Designing Human-Centric MIR Systems

This was the first year of the Workshop on Designing Human-Centric MIR Systems Link to the [proceedings](

SIMSSA Postdoc Finn Upham presented “Human Subtracted: Social Distortion of Music Technology.” Check out their slides and extended abstract.


ISMIR in Delft was bigger than ever, with over 500 participants. Two students from our lab gave presentations.

Yaolong Ju presented “An Interactive Workflow for Generating Chord Labels for Homorhythmic Music in Symbolic Formats.”

Tim de Reuse presented again, this time on “Pattern Clustering in Monophonic Music by Learning a Non-Linear Embedding From Human Annotations”. He was also the winner for the MIREX “Patterns for Prediction” task.

ISMIR2019 also included tutorials, an unconference, and nine different flavours of water available all day! They set a high bar for 2020 and it was a pleasure to attend.

Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM)

After ISMIR, we headed to The Hague for the 6th edition of Digital Libraries for Musicology, held at the National Library of the Netherlands. Our lab was well-represented, with four people presenting their research.

Néstor Nápoles López discussed his work on “Key-Finding Based on a Hidden Markov Model and Key Profiles”, done in collaboration with former SIMSSA postdoc Claire Arthur. Check out the slides.

Matan Gover presented “A notation-based query language for searching in symbolic music”. Link to slides.

Emily Hopkins (me!) presented a poster on “SIMSSA DB: Symbolic Music Discovery and Search.” Link to short paper and poster.

Martha Thomae presented on “The Mensural Scoring-up Tool.” (See our blog post for an earlier interview with her about this research.) Link to slides and paper.

Hope to see you all at ISMIR2020! You can follow us on Twitter too, @ismir2020.
See you next year!