On developing the frontend and other components of Rodan

Posted by Wendy Liu on July 04, 2012

In the last month or so I’ve been working primarily on designing the frontend for Rodan, as well as working on certain components of the backend. On the frontend side, I’ve been doing most of the templating/stylesheets/javascript for the interface of Rodan, except when it comes to the Javascript image processing modules (binarisation, despeckling, segmentation, rotation, and cropping - see Blog entry: JavaScript Image Processing Modules for Rodan). On the backend side of things, I worked on: creating a framework for easily creating tasks, the project/workflow management functionality, and a system for restarting and checking timing information for tasks, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes and feature additions in other areas. I also worked on integrating Diva.js into Rodan, and added the search highlighting features.