Datasets and Corpora

Andrew Hughes Chant

Bach Chorales Figured Bass dataset

The Bach Chorales Multiple Chord Labels dataset

Dodecachordon Data Set

Josquin La Rue Secure Duos Dataset

Key Modulation Dataset

Madrigal Project

Measuring Polyphony


  • This study revisits the origins of the Italian madrigal by using computer-aided analysis of generic style features on a set of Florentine partbooks (MS Florence 164-167).
  • Contributors: Julie Cumming, Cory McKay, Ian Lorenz

The String Quartets by Felix Mendelssohn

  • Corrected from OMR output and annotated by a community of experts.
  • Contributors: Jacob deGroot-Maggetti, Laurent Feisthauer, Ichiro Fujinaga, Sam Howes, Yaolong Ju, Suzuka Kokubu, Sylvain Margot, Néstor Nápoles López, Tim de Reuse, Finn Upham