Neon.js Updates

Posted by Gregory Burlet on June 19, 2012

Over the past few weeks I’ve added some new functionality and goodies to the Neon.js neume notation editor. Ornamentation: dots can now be toggled on puncta (neumes with one note). Clefs: shift clefs vertically on the staff, insert new clefs anywhere on the staff, delete clefs, and update the shape of a clef. Divisions: insert all four types of divisions, delete divisions, and move divisions. Custos: are tied to the first note on the next staff. The next tasks on the burner are handling more ornamentation: draw, insert, update, and delete episemata as well as drawing more complex neume structures in the editor.

You can see a demo of Neon.js in action here.

Also, the Neon.js paper was accepted to ISMIR 2012! See you in Porto!