jSymbolic2 Released!

Posted by ehopkins on May 18, 2017

We are pleased to release jSymbolic2, a research software application for extracting features (characteristic statistical information) from musical data stored symbolically in file formats such as MIDI or MEI. These features may be fed directly into automatic classification systems, may be used to query large musical databases, or may be used by musicologists and music theorists for conducting empirical music research.

The jSymbolic2 graphical interface

The software is packaged with 172 unique features, far more than any other existing software. Some of these features are multi-dimensional, for a total of 1230 combined feature values. These features may be used directly for conducting research, or the software may be used as a platform for iteratively developing new features that can then be shared amongst researchers. As such, jSymbolic2 emphasizes extensibility, and includes a modular design that facilitates the implementation and incorporation of new features.

jSymbolic2 is part of the free and open-source jMIR framework, developed and maintained by Cory McKay. More information on jSymbolic2 is available on the jMIR website