Cantus ultimus biweekly meeting-28/1/2015

Posted by jhatter on January 28, 2015

Salzinnes Exhibit Ideas

Jennifer’s ideas for the exhibit include:

  1. having an interface to allow people to interact with the MS (should not be connected to the internet)
    • Andrew recommended setting up a laptop or desktop computer for the MS interface
  2. a that display tracks the progress of the music on the page while a recording plays (ambient sound, not in headphones)
    • Andrew says that one of the MA students in the lab is developing software that could be used for this
    • Jennifer will explore the possibility of using the Anon. 4 recording of music from the Salzinnes
    • she will listen to the Anon. 4 recording with the MS, to make sure they followed the versions exactly
    • we will also need to get permission from Anon. 4 and CBC
    • St. Roch, St. Hubert, and Marian selections are possible repertoire

Concert and Perhaps Recording from Salzinnes for SIMSSA in Halifax

  • seeking a Connections Grant to fund making a new recording, if the Anon. 4 is not adequate
  • potential performers were discussed
  • travel could be covered by SIMSSA


  • Debra, Barbara, and Alessandra will have a Skype meeting to discuss protocols for Cantus

Rationale-on teamwork

  • putting together an article on the creation of Cantus Ultimus
  • Jennifer will send out a document about this a week before the next meeting
  • Jennifer will send Debra wishlist of the next step

Out Reach

  • possible events at the Med-Ren in Brussels
  • no team-meeting at Med-Ren, since the European Libraries will have already met

The next meeting will be on Feb. 11th at 10:30 Halifax / 9:30 Quebec & Ontario

  • we will use Google Hangout
  • to discuss a new time for meetings over email, so that Alessandra can attend meetings